The Personal Brand Launchpad: discover your superpowers to attract your ideal clients and increase your earning potential


Can you imagine this?

  • Being found more easily, remembered and preferred by your ideal client

  • Attracting more clients and build better relationships with them

  • Having more people to recommend you as the go-to person in your field

  • Promoting yourself as more than just your industry title

Take the leap with your personal brand journey working with me 1:1 on the Personal Brand Launchpad: Discover your superpowers to attract your ideal clients and increase your earning potential 

When you are more visible and known, you are much more likely to build trust and attract better quality clients. These are the people who align with you and see something in you that makes them prefer you as opposed to one of your competitors. 

What makes you unique and individual?

When  you work this out and use it to show what makes you different to the rest, it is very powerful. You will attract potential leads and be able to convert them into clients who will stay with you.

My personalised half day session will give you much needed momentum in creating your personal brand.

  • Get clear on what you want to be known for (your superpowers)
  • Create your personal brand pillars (you can even give them titles) which promote your unique and individual personality
  • Use these pillars as a framework to create your social media content (I can help you to draft a couple of personal brand posts if that helps you)

Does any of this strike a chord?

  • You’re stuck with where to start with working out your unique and individual personal brand message
  • You think personal branding doesn’t ‘sit comfortably’ in your profession, especially as you work in a sector where regulation and compliance are necessary

If you recognise that you will be ‘just another….’ if you don’t show how you are different to your competitors, then starting to create your personal brand is the right thing to do.

What does The Personal Brand Launchpad involve?

1st part

Our work together starts 2 weeks before the half day session.

On a 30 minute Zoom call I will explain the prep activity to start information gathering. It involves a brainstorm/research activity for you to list:

Your skills, expertise, experience, transferable skills, previous work

Your interests

Your achievements

Also for you to ask your peers/ associates/ former clients – ‘what would they say about you if they were talking to someone about you?’ Also for you to gather insights from client reviews, testimonials, social proof etc. 

A Google spreadsheet template is available for you, or you can record your findings in another way if you prefer, but you will need to be able to share them with me.

I will also give you a questionnaire to find out

  • What is your ‘why’? Why should people work with you?
  • What are your offers/products?
  • How do people work with you?

2nd part – the half day Zoom session (3 hours)

1st hour – we will spend time going through your information gathering activity, looking at the main themes which jump out and grouping these together into personal brand pillars.

2nd hour – we will work defining what your main superpowers are. We will explore how these align with your products and offers and your why.

3rd hour – I will give you support in drafting a couple of personal brand focused posts. I will also guide you with the visual content you have to support your written posts.

Breaks are built into the Zoom call session as required.


This personalised half day package is £450.

That’s not the end…

I will send you a follow up email to see how you are progressing with using your ‘personal brand launchpad’ outcomes and advise you on the next steps.

Send me a message, or give me a call, and let’s get you standing out from the competition.