The Online Magnetism Journey

A personal branding learning journey that makes business owners in regulated professions magnetic.

Want to attract more ideal clients and build better relationships with them? You’ve come to the right place.

It isn’t easy being in a regulated profession.

Whether you’re coming from a corporate background or you’ve been an independent business since the beginning, the game just isn’t the same for you, is it?

You have rules to consider and accepted standards that need to be upheld.

Social media probably feels like a bit of a minefield.

  • What are you supposed to say – without crossing the line?
  • How are you supposed to say it – but not sound unprofessional?
  • How are you going to find those customers you need to find, in order to keep your business moving forward – while maintaining your hard-earned reputation?

Some people make it seem like a breeze.

You know who they are. The cool dudes. The smart legal professionals on LinkedIn; the agile financial advisers on Instagram. The ones who just seem to have the hang of it. They are magnets.

Well, it’s time to turn you into one, too.


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I’m Ella.

Former teacher.  Down-to-earth social media adviser. Passionate personal branding advocate.

My passion is to help people thrive as themselves.

That’s why I created this programme, specifically for those of you who find social media hard.

The regulated professions are typically told to hide away. To stick to the script.

The thing is, the ones who get it right get it right for one simple reason: they have figured out how to be themselves on social media.

And there is nothing more powerful than that.

Every single social media platform user – every single human – craves connection.

We do not build connection with the generic and inauthentic and forgettable. We want to connect with real people, and that goes for your ideal clients, too.

So you need to become the magnet that they simply can’t avoid.

Here’s how we’re going to make it happen:


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The Online Magnetism Journey

Where you learn how to magnetise your ideal client and repel the timewasters

1 The Gap Analysis

There’s no point in moving forward before first examining where you’ve already been. A surprising number of social media programmes don’t include the essential and (frankly) obvious component of asking:

What’s working? And what isn’t?

During this period of reflection we:


  • Complete a marketing activity audit: What marketing communications are you using?
  • Map out your current social media platforms: With what consistency and frequency are you posting and direct messaging?
  • Go through your website: What’s on it and how often is it updated?
  • Evaluate your content creation: Are you creating long form content? Is it your own thought leadership?
  • Understand your lead generation structures: How do you generate leads?
  • Examine your ideal client avatar: Do you have one? Who are they?


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Bringing these findings together, I report back to you with:

  • a gap analysis;
  • a thorough overview of your current social media situation,
  • what’s missing, what’s working, and how to move forward.


2 The Roadmap

This is where your online magnetism journey begins.

It’s going to be foundational work, hard work, and immensely rewarding work. The purpose of this component is to answer the following question:

How will you attract the customers you want and repel the ones you don’t?


Over the course of our 1-to-1 calls we:


  • Introduce you to the Four V’s: Values, Voice, Visuals, and Visibility
  • Lay out your brand values – so that you know exactly what core your social media strategy is based upon
  • Pin down your brand voice – so that you know how to speak as yourself, in a way that your ideal client will love
  • Synthesise your brand visuals – so that every visual you’re putting out there is conveying in a way that converts
  • Maximise your brand visibility – so that your profile is magnetically authentic and your engagement tactics are irresistible
  • Solidify your content marketing strategy, with content pillars as centred around your business core as they are targeted at your ideal client, that are as ideal client-targeted as they are brand-centric
Phone and hands writing in notebook

Every call we have will be tailored to you.

Nothing standardised about this process.

You’re unique, and so our work will be, too.

3 Your Magnetic Future

Now, you have everything you need to succeed.

Through the deep and meaningful work we’ve completed, you have effectively transformed yourself into an online magnet to be reckoned with.


The final component of the programme is designed to make sure you stay magnetic.

It’s where:

  • we tie up loose ends
  • we sort out any last-minute worries
  • I hold you accountable with three follow-up calls, held within the two months after we complete our work together.


Keyboard, mouse and notebooks on a desk

Ella has helped me to understand the world of social media marketing much better than I could have ever hoped to have explored by myself. Targeted sessions with measurable outcomes and even accountability follow up means stuff gets done that Ella tells you to do!

Richard Causon, Causon Business Finance




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Being in a regulated profession doesn’t mean you have to be boring or conforming or standard.

You need to shake that corporate style – being you is what will get your business ahead.

This is the journey that teaches you how to be yourself in a way that is irresistible to the people you want to reach.


The social media learning programme for people in regulated professions that want to stand out and grow.

Everyone has an amazing personality that strengthens their service proposition.

You have it, too. And you need to get it out there.

Are you ready?