Niki Hutchison

Ella talked to the membership group about how to use LinkedIn to grow relationships, networks and businesses. It was fab! Ella’s warm manner and knowledgeable, friendly presentation style was just what we needed.

Richard Edwards

Ella is really enthusiastic about LinkedIn and very insightful in explaining how the platform works and how you can get the best out of it. Working with her definitely changed how I viewed (and used) LinkedIn – for the better! In a short space of time, she explains how you can turn your content ideas into conversations that lead to new business.


Clair Taylor Powell

Ella has transformed me from someone who was highly resistant to any social media activity to someone who is enthusiastically taking the opportunity to speak to a wider audience and make myself accessible to potential clients.  I highly recommend Ella for her professional knowledge of and familiarity with the digital space, and her innate ability to guide her client to the most appropriate and therefore effective digital marketing strategy.