Here’s part 2 of a special interview I did with social media strategist and content creator Anita Popat, who invited me to be her guest on this Instagram Live.

This is a transcript of the conversation, with a few additional points to help the flow of the written word.

ANITA. Let’s talk about networking. I am an introvert, but I actually love it. When I first went to networking, I was intimidated by going into a big room of people. Going with someone I knew helped me because she introduced me to people she knew.

As an introvert, I think I’m more of a listener. I thrive more in one-to-one and small-group conversations. I like deeper conversation, rather than small talk. I prefer that kind of interaction.

I think extroverts tend to thrive on energy from other people, whereas introverts recharge by stepping away and winding down after networking.

ELLA. I like how we’re talking about how to make personal branding accessible for everybody, but especially introverts. Personal brand is not about being a show off; it’s not about being an extrovert. It’s not that you’ve got to put yourself out there and show your face.

When you go to networking, you look around, you survey the room, you decide who it is you’re going to go and talk, you decide how much you want to be involved, you don’t feel under any pressure. People shouldn’t be judging you for being like that.

The more you let people know about your introversion in your personal branding, through your social media, through the way your online personality or your own online presence, then when people meet you in real life, they’re going to know that’s what you’re going to be like when you go to that networking event or that conference.

A lot of it is about attracting your tribe or attracting the people who really get you. They’re going to be the best people to buy from you, the best people to work with, the best people to collaborate with. We should be celebrating our individuality and uniqueness.

ANITA. Where can your personal branding really help you stand out? What are the different areas of business you could use it in?

  • Social media is brilliant for brand awareness, and you don’t have to burn yourself out with it. Choose your platforms carefully. I think you also have to enjoy being on the platform. They say, “go where your ideal client is and go where your audiences are”, but you also have to have to want to spend time on the platform yourself.


  • Comment on people’s posts because that’s another way that you can kind of quietly let people know that you’re around if you don’t want to post content or you’re exhausted by commenting.


  • Create your content so you can show your personal brand.


  • If you do create long-form content, like a blog, or if you get somebody to write blog posts for you, make sure that they’re putting your personality into the writing. You don’t just want a cold copy which is templated, which could be anybody’s copy. It’s got to have some elements of your story, it’s storytelling so put your stories in there.


  • Personal branding is so important when you go to networking, because when you are visible at these meetings, the more people will notice you.


  • Also if you then get an opportunity to do some lives, do it, because that’s another way that people are going to know more about you. You’ve got to show up.


  • Use personalisation in your emails so your subscribers feel like you are speaking directly to them. Your personal brand will be effective in this.


  • You can include your personal brand in every aspect of your marketing online but also don’t forget to do it offline as well. Try and get to some networking events or go to some conferences that are related to the industry that you’re in.

ANITA. Yes, you need to interact on a human level and collaborate and meet people who are in the same industry. We need to see them as collaborators, rather than competition, as well as meeting people that you might want to do business with this.  You just never know who’s sharing your profile with their audiences, as is happening now (on this Instagram live)

ELLA. In the context of collaboration, whatever it is that you’re doing business in, I would like to think that you’re passionate about it. The more that you go and meet other people who want to talk, collaborate and share ideas about marketing the better, then you’re all pushing in the same direction.

We all need this level of marketing to help each other, because the size of the competition out there is fierce.

Your personal brand builds trust. With it your network is much more likely to recommend you because they know your personal brand so well.

Without it, your network is likely to be more vague about what you do and why you’re different.

A final thought

Hopefully this has provoked some thoughts about personal branding if you consider yourself an introvert. Becoming known for your work isn’t exclusively for extroverts. It’s equally as important for introverts, if not even more so, as you can use your personal brand to shine a spotlight on your business.

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