Are you a little sceptical about using social media to promote your business?

Can it really make a difference the way potential customers see you?

Yes it can, because people don’t buy things in the way they used to 20 or 30 years ago.

Nowadays, your potential customers are searching online, using social media sites, reading reviews, doing comparisons and looking to see if you are going to solve their problem for them.

Think of social media marketing as if it is a big party. You and your ideal clients are at the party – but then, like all good parties, so is everyone else.

The idea is that you want your ideal clients to find you at this party and then decide that they like you long enough to want to hang out with you. Once they’ve made that decision to spend time with you, then you can start to embark on building a relationship with them.

They get to know you, like you and hopefully trust you. If they trust you enough then eventually, when they are in need, they will buy from you.

It sounds like it might take some time and energy, but if you want your business to stand out from the crowd at the social media party, then you need to win people’s trust.

It’s not about broadcasting what you’re selling.

Marketing using social media is not about a broadcast. That’s advertising.

Marketing is something much more subtle. With social media marketing you use what you know about your target audience to get into ‘conversations’ with those people who are interested. With planning, attention to detail, consistency and patience, it will lead to sales and the creation of a loyal customer base.

So why does social media leave some businesses feeling that it doesn’t work?

When I say that I help businesses with social media marketing, I’m often told by businesses that are not finding their customers and clients through their social accounts.

Then I hear the scepticism.

‘I’m on it but I don’t get the reach I’d like with my posts.’

‘I don’t see all my efforts converting into sales’

‘It’s a bit of a waste of my time.’

‘I don’t see really understand how it works.’

Have you considered that your target audience is attending the social media party i.e. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but then going home disappointed because they haven’t met anyone they really like? They haven’t met you because they haven’t managed to find your business, due to all the traffic that passes through the feed.

How do you change that so that they do find you, follow you and grow to trust you?

Avoid the disappointment

Unfortunately, the low barrier of entry into social media marketing means that many businesses embark on using it without any real plan.

Setting up a social media business account is relatively easy and, with 67% of the UK population using social media, people believe it should be easy to use it to promote their business.

For many though, their efforts are leaving them feeling disappointed and deflated. It’s not everything they thought it would be and, what’s more, their posts aren’t converting into sales.

What’s the true picture?

The reality is that you’ll need to put a plan in place. Clear planning and messaging as well as patience and consistency are some of the important factors which will contribute to building your success on social media.

Ask yourself these questions:

What’s my message to the huge audience on social media?

How am I showing that I can solve their problems or match what they are looking for?

Do I know the kind of questions they are asking? Am I offering the answers they are seeking?

Are my posts attracting my ideal client?

Do I know who my ideal client is?

What platforms are they mostly on?

Do I create content which is interesting, engaging and keeps them coming back for more?

Do I focus too much on posts which are promotional?

Show your target audience that you care

The answers to all these questions matter because these will show how much you care and want to help your target audience. Enabling them to get to know you and your brand will help them to decide if they like you enough to stick with you.

Hopefully that will lead to that all important trust element which will eventually translate into a sale.

  • Showing up when our audience expect us to and with a consistent message will also build the trust.
  • Posting at the times your audience is most likely to be online gives them more chance of seeing your content in the feed.
  • Using a consistent language and tone of voice in your posts will help to emphasise this.

How does all this make a difference to finding your ideal clients?

Your marketing is more targeted by being based on the needs and behaviours of people who are searching for products and services like yours i.e. a target audience of potential customers.

Your audience is kept informed of the latest offers, new stock and other updates easily if you are regularly posting and engaging on your platforms.

You can show your target audience you care by the way you connect and engage with them. Social media marketing most definitely can help your business if you are prepared to plan and use it strategically.

Are you ready to take the next step to getting a plan in place to boost your presence at the social media party?

I can help you to create a content plan and develop content which resonates with your target audience.

Drop me a message if you would like me to help you to be more visible.



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