Your frequently asked questions answered:

1. Why should I use a social media consultant? 

To save you time, energy and ultimately money. As a consultant, I have knowledge and expertise in how the platforms work and the latest updates, how to identify your ideal clients and how to create a variety of content which will keep your target audience engaged. I can also design a content calendar for your business and suggest scheduling tools to enable you to post when your audience is online. These are just some of the areas I can help you with, so that you can take the time to work on growing your business. Successful social media marketing requires focus and patience, and I alleviate the potential overwhelm of posting and analysing your results and staying consistent with your online presence.


2. What makes a good social media marketing strategy? 

  • A clear message about you can address your customer’s pain points
  • An identified target audience
  • A clear idea about which platform(s) your audience spend their time
  • A variety of content – written posts, photos, videos, content from other sources
  • Consistent and timely posting
  • Engagement with your followers
  • Analysis of how posts are performing and website clicks


3. How much does it cost to work with me? 

Take a look at my Price List


4. Does it matter where I am based? 

Working digitally means that I am able to work with you, wherever you are based in the UK – video conferencing, emailing and phone calls means we can stay in close contact. Face to face meetings can be arranged ( expenses to be paid for travel and time)


If you have any questions or queries, please do contact me.