You’ve started building your Clubhouse following and now people are connecting with you on Twitter or Instagram. 

Do you feel a bit embarrassed when they go to check out your accounts?

It will make a huge difference to the way people connect with you, if your social media bios are optimised and clear about what you do and who you are reaching out to.

Follow my top 5 to-dos and you’ll have a better understanding of social media and how you can use it to reach the people you want to reach.

Your new connections will know more about what you offer and will also keep following you to find out more.


  1. Know who your product/service is aimed at and who you are trying to reach.

Ask yourself: Who do I want to attract?  What questions are they asking? What do they want answers and solutions about?

Top tip: Be as specific as possible about who you want to be attracting to look at your content. Aim to build a community that not only wants to follow and learn from you but also can help and support each other.


  1. Be on the platforms where your target audience (customers/clients/who you want to reach) is.

Ask yourself: Do I know which platforms your target audience is spending their time?

Top tip: Don’t make assumptions about social platforms even though it’s an easy thing to do e.g. Instagram’s age demographic seems to attract 25 – 40 year olds but more and more 16 -24 year olds and over 50s are using it.

Be bold! Ask your friends, associates and your existing audiences which platforms they use. Do as much research as possible, so you don’t waste your efforts spreading yourself too thinly across too many platforms. My advice is 2 platforms at the most so you can manage them well.


  1. Complete your social media bios as fully as possible.

Ask yourself: If someone landed on my bio, would it tell them know who I help but also grab their attention?

Top tip: Make sure your bio/ profile page answers these questions.

What are your offers?
How do you help your target audience?
What do you stand for?
How will they feel different as a result of working with you or using your product?

Don’t forget to put your name, your geographical location, a link to your website (if appropriate) and the easiest way to contact you.


  1. Look at the profile pages of other individuals or businesses who are offering something similar to you.

Ask yourself: Who else do I know who’s doing something similar to me and whom I admire?

Top tip: This is the community/ collaborative nature of social media. We all learn from each other and it isn’t copying to get ideas from others. Take a look at the kind of content they are posting for inspiration and ideas.


  1. Create content which best shows off your product or service. This could be photographs, video, written posts or content that has been created by your followers.

Ask yourself: What am I good at in terms of content creation? What do I have time to create?

Top tip: Social media can be very overwhelming so you can certainly make your life easier if you

  • create content that you are comfortable with making
  • create content that you have time to make
  • build up a bank of photos, videos, quotes, reviews from your audience

Make sure your content meets what your audience is looking for. Random posts or being too general is likely to put people off from stopping on your content and reading it. Remember social media traffic is very busy so your aim should be to post content which grabs attention and sparks interest.



Get into a good habit of posting. There are differing views about often you should and what days/times to post, but my advice is consistency over frequency.

If you are consistently posting at a particular time, even if it’s only once or twice a week, your social media account will look healthy. Then your target audience is more likely to keep visiting your account.

Once you have gained your confidence and established a routine for posting, the overwhelm of running your social media accounts will hopefully be a distant memory.

If you need more information and support on how to get the most from building social media connections with your Clubhouse followers, please contact me.

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